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Hawaii Art Studio

October 16, 2023

In our 50+ year marriage, we have lived in many different types of houses, from tiny homes to a larger compound property. It’s been great fun.
I have been fortunate to claim a studio space wherever we have found ourselves. In one house it was nothing more than an alcove and in another,
I could claim a huge barn.

One was not really better than the other, as long as I could place my treasures around me. I recommend that everyone carve out a corner that is their own space….size doesn’t really matter, but having reflections of what you love is important, as it becomes a space that will refill you. Even if it is just a chair, a candle and a book…claim your space.

In Hawaii, I claimed the upper floor of a 2nd cottage that we have on the property. On the second floor, it has a wall of sliding glass doors, looking out to the turquoise bay. We just remodeled the space last year, creating shelves and cabinets that allow all my treasures to be in full reach.




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