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Here I Come Again…with a new website!

October 18, 2023

I have been creating and selling my artwork since I was in my 20’s, and I now enter my 78th year.
I fell into the art doll market, by chance, when it was just coming on the scene and when the internet was just becoming part of our lives. There wasn’t anything like social media or Instagram. And now here I am, still creating, 50+ years later.

I have discovered that the learning curve gets steeper as one ages. That’s a challenge and a gift. The challenge is that there is so much to learn and keep aware of, and the gift is that it definitely keeps me on my toes and fortunately, I enjoy the challenge.
My old website was created back in 1998. The last blog post I wrote was in 2016.

Today I am so happy to present this beautiful new website, with it’s new blog. It was all put together by Noelle at The Eclectic Designer.
Working with her has been such a enjoyable process. She’s in Tennessee and I’m here in Hawaii. I will miss our email conversations…I will miss her.

A foundational context for me, in regards to creating my art …from the very beginning… was that the pieces that showed up on my art table came through me..like a gift to me,each with a story to share. So when a piece was done, I would place it in front of me and ask for it to tell me it’s story.
This context was a remarkable gift to me, as a young artist, as it stopped the critical voice in my head from judging and in that, allowed me the freedom to remain open to inspiration. For any artist, that is a real gift.

As I began to gather photos for this new site, I started looking back to the very beginning of my career… moving on to the most recent pieces.
The process has been a joy to reflect upon and really, I can’t get over… when enough time has passed… how fun it is to look back and to see where this all has taken me. I can see now that one thing does lead to another and upon this reflection, I can see that there was always a beautiful, continuing and perfect pathway. My advice to those younger artists…..learn to exhale and Trust… Life does have a way of working out, in the most amazing ways.

Thank you for visiting my new website. I hope you return often. I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on my blog. Let’s have a conversation.

Thank you so much to Noelle. It’s been such a joy working with you. You are so very talented and I feel very fortunate that, across the miles, in a most serendipitous way, we could meet. You recognized what I wanted to say, on this new site. Above and beyond building my new website, you made me feel special, seen and heard. That is the real gift and I thank you for that. The Eclectic Designer .


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