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Tout Droit!

October 14, 2023

Never did I imagine that I would be able to travel to France. I am not a natural traveler and it seemed way too big a dream to me.
But back in 2008 a dear friend asked me to join her for an art course, offered in the South of France, and I jumped at the chance.
She spoke some French, which I did not, and she said that she would drive, so all I needed to do was to sit in the passenger seat and soak it all in.
So began our yearly trips throughout France, every year for 11 years, staying in castles and hunting for antique treasures in any brocante, vide grenier or antique store we would come upon.

We would inevitably get lost and have to ask someone for directions….in which they would always respond …..
Tout Droit Tout Droit Tout Droit ! …which would translate to “Keep on going!”.
It has become a great mantra to remember, whenever I find myself at a crossroads.

While writing this, I realized that this particular Chapter of my life…these yearly trip to France …have come to a close. It’s funny how life seems to be divided in chapters and it seems to take a bit of time to realize when a chapter has actually ended. Covid was, of course, one reason for the ending of this chapter and then, also, life just seemed to shift at that time. 2019 was my last trip, so it’s been 4 years already. While I hope I still have some trips to come, they won’t be like those days when it was all so new… just me and my girlfriend… getting lost in the countrysides of France. It’s a bit sad, as closures often are….but it’s sweet, too, in the reflection and appreciation of that time…of that Chapter of my life.


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