expressing mystery, enchantment and inspiration

Marilyn first entered the art doll market in the late 1980's when her pieces became instantly sought after. An avid collector of antique treasure, memorabilia, fabric and trim, Marilyn uses these inspirations as layers upon her sculpted forms, adding found objects and nature's elements to the mix. A handwritten page from a French journal dated 1880, a rusted key, bridal netting from the turn of the century, beading hand crafted hundreds of years ago, all combine energies, memories and stories to the mystery and enchantment of each, one of a kind piece.

Marilyn has presented her work in art shows and galleries throughout the world and they can be found in the private collections of such well-known personalities as actress Demi Moore, author Anne Rice, entertainer Richard Simmons, director Ron Howard, and actor Sean Penn to name but a few. 

Her art has been displayed in the White House during President Bill Clinton’s term. Eclectic in expression and form, Marilyn’s creativity is expressed through painting and assemblage, as well as sculpture.

Meet Marilyn

Marilyn Radzat

Through The Years

My artistic journey has lead me through many stages, each marked by a unique theme, medium and form. It has been a continuous  journey of visions and challenges, and for that I am so grateful.

I am drawn to the beauty and history revealed in antique fabrics and finds. Bits and pieces become not only a source of inspiration, but each bit is imbued with its own energy and story, and that essence breathes life into each piece.

Moving to Hawaii brought new inspirations and challenges. Sea glass, with its smooth, weathered surfaces and soft ocean hues became my muse. The hard form of the sea glass brought me to the use of gourds as a substrate, which then introduced me to the beauty of glass mosaics.

Always eager to learn more and develop my ability, I dove into painting and that too took on different forms, materials and style. These included acrylic, watercolor, and collages using hand painted paper designs and patterns. I became interested in Energy Healing and that too showed up in my art through my Assemblage pieces.

I never know where inspiration will lead me and that is actually the joy of it all. It is all a journey.  And for that I am grateful.

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“Learn to trust the journey, even when you do not understand it.”